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Dr. Lois Jordan

Dr. Lois Jordan is an educator, political leader, guest speaker for several local organizations and a child of The Living God.  Born and reared in a low social economic community; arrived at political gain, by being the first female in the city of Nashville to be elected. Also, being the first Afro American female and other females in the history of that city and state.  When she served she was the only female out of 39 men. Her biography appears in several publications, 2000 Women of Achievement, Personalities of the South, Noble Americans of the Bicentennial Era, Community Leaders, and Noble Americans.

Dr. Jordan has paved the way for females entering the political arena. The Nashville Tennessean most recently called her Lady Jordan; because she wore a hat, gloves and pearls and she embraced the distinction.  Dr. Jordan is a member of Rotary International, Board Member of the Nashville Ballet, the Nashville Opera Association, Director of Development of Monthaven Art, and Culture Center. Her biography appears in The Two Thousand Women of Achievement; Community Leaders of Notable Americans; Personality of the South and Notable Americans of the Bicentennial Era.

She sings in the Hendersonville Baptist Church choir with the leadership of the renowned Greg Crane, known Director of the state of Florida and Alabama.

Dr. Jordan has served as an adjunct professor for Belmont and Fisk University and Social Studies Educator for Metropolitan Public Schools. She is a firm believer that today’s youth should have great mentors to develop into tomorrow’s leadership.