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CEO Digital – Local Artists Showcase

Featuring Works by Local Artists Holly Errigo and SAMUEL

Forging New Territory 

Technology plays such an instrumental role in the delivery of content to the masses today. It provides artists with an accessible showcase for presenting their work directly to millions of viewers through various social mediums on multiple platforms. It also offers them the opportunity to develop and execute their concepts regarding immersive artistic experiences without filtering their visions through a third party. They can transfer their ideas straight from their computers to the viewers and collectors. No art dealers or gallerists are required.

While traditional art forms like painting and printmaking will always retain their rightful places in the creative world, digital art has quickly gained unstoppable momentum as the most intriguing new phenomenon in the art industry.

The new mediums of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and LiDAR scanning can transform and enrich human endeavors while launching artists out onto innovative avenues for fresh expression.

Digital artists, who are already capable of producing creative work that is far beyond even their own wildest imaginings, recognize that their mastery of these immersive technologies has yet to be fully actualized.

The disadvantage in creating digital artwork is that it can be so easily duplicated. Serious artists who want to create truly unique digital pieces have found the blockchain to be an effective method for addressing this issue. The blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, produces the necessary scarcity and rightful ownership of the IP (Intellectual Property) by linking it back to the time and date of creation by a specific artist.

An artist adding their artwork to a blockchain is essentially stamping it with a unique unit of data that identifies it as an NFT (Non-fungible token). NFT’s make it possible for artists to determine how and what they sell, engendering greater creative flexibility for the artist, and allowing artistic freedom to truly ring, loud and clear.

Long live creativity!

March 19, 2022 – April 3, 2022


Saturday, March 19th from 6pm-9pm


All original art available for purchase.

FREE admission • Donations Welcome

Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center

The Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center is home to Historic Monthaven Mansion. Circa 1863, Monthaven is nestled in beautiful, Sumner County.

The Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center is Sumner County’s first arts museum of its kind and is an inspiring addition to the Greater Nashville Region’s Arts and Museums community.

Our mission is to collect, preserve and interpret local and regional art and present exhibits of regional, national and international importance. History, arts, education, and community will remain an ever present commitment to the Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center.

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