Blake Donaldson

Blake is an artist with a passion for drawing and animation. This includes drawing many different poses as well as characters and stories.  As a kid, he always had doodles or pictures in a notebook and as he got older, he continued this habit.  Characters are his favorite things to

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Mariah Leggett

Mariah Leggett is a professional artist, born and raised in Memphis, TN and moved to Nashville 7 years ago. While she dabbles in mediums from photography to sculpting, she specialized in mixed media, including watercolor, acrylic, teas, and coffees. For her, art has been a means of discovering and exploring

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Miriam Speyer

Miriam Speyer is a multidimensional artist who moves fluidly from one medium to the next.  When she’s not in the art studio, painting, illustrating, and dying textiles, you can find her in the music studio creating vocal samples, playing the bass, and producing songs. She is a National Endowment for

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Sara Huffman

Sarah Ruccio Huffman is an expressive therapist and clinical chaplain who has worked in the environments of residential addiction treatment, inpatient psychiatric treatment, medical hospitalization, and hospice care. Sarah strongly believes that creativity helps the process of mental, emotional, and spiritual recovery as it empowers individuals to make choices, access

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Helanka Ralston

Helanka Ralston brings her passion for art through mixed media, including monoprinting, collage, and art journaling. She believes everyone has an inner artist.  While residing in Ohio she offered retreats and workshops including faith with texture, artplay, soulcards and art for non-artists. She loves to come alongside others with the offering

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Rae Balmuth

Rae Balmuth MA, (RDT expected Dec 2022), is an experienced performing arts educator who has spent 15+ years experience supporting the behavioral and emotional wellness of others.  With degrees in both education and psychology, training as a Drama Therapist, and certifications in Autism Movement Therapy, Therapeutic Art Life Coaching, and

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Kathryn Garcia Art Teacher

Kathryn Garcia

Kathryn Garcia is an exhibiting visual artist and educator in Nashville with a Master’s Degree in Studio Art from California State University, Sacramento. She has exhibited and taught in both private and public institutions including Sierra College; Boston College of Art; the University of the South, Sewanee; and Watkins College

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Eva Robin

Eva Rabin

Eva Rabin is an artist and originally from Los Angeles. She enjoys many things—traveling, art, history, reading, organization, and documentaries. While her interests may seem a bit scattered, they are the foundation for complex inquisitiveness. At the root of her work is the continual exploration to find meaning and understanding

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Diane J Stockard

My name is Diane J Stockard and I am a freelance artist.  I started painting and drawing when I was 6 years old.  Our house burned to the ground during the week of Christmas.  I painted Christmas cards and sold them to get money to buy Christmas presents for my

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Ashleigh Nichole - Art teacher at MACC

Ashleigh Nichole

Ashleigh Nichole is an artist and baker. In addition to her passion for painting and drawing, she loves to decorate specialty cakes. Ashleigh is excited to teach at Monthaven Arts & Cultural Center and share the beauty she sees through the heart of her imagination. 

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