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Diane J Stockard

My name is Diane J Stockard and I am a freelance artist.  I started painting and drawing when I was 6 years old.  Our house burned to the ground during the week of Christmas.  I painted Christmas cards and sold them to get money to buy Christmas presents for my family because we lost everything.  I am known as the Artist of Glow because my paintings are full of colors and jump off the canvas.  I have an Associate Degree and a B.S Degree in Political Science, International Relations, and Fine Arts.  I was ranked 7th in the nation by Creative Artists of America (No longer exists) a few years ago.  I won 3rd place in an international art contest, China was first and Germany was 2nd.  I have had art in several galleries across the country.  I am so known for my colorful music paintings and my Acrylic fluid painting records.  I do large group painting classes with children, seniors, adults, etc.  I am a Realtor as well and my gifts to my clients are paintings that represent their new home or lifestyle.  I paint glowing Angels for those who have lost a loved one.  I love sharing the gift that God has given me with others.  God was the Greatest Artist of all time.